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Central Heating

Modern condensing boilers run at well over 90% efficiency. This is because the energy from the gas is used twice instead of once causing it to be more cost effective to run. Modern boilers tend to be smaller and neater than their older counterparts meaning they can be installed easily into the existing boiler space. There are many different brands and they vary in price considerably but as with most things you get what you pay for.

The services that we offer are:

As an up and coming company we pride ourselves on quality workmanship done at a competitive price working with the customer to cause as little disruption and inconvenience as possible. We will always use dust sheets to protect the customers belongings and carpets leaving all areas worked in nice and tidy with any mess vacuumed on completion of working in that particular area.

All electrical work will be undertaken by a NCEIC registered electrician.

Combination Boilers, Solar Energy, Thermostats, Water Systems

If room is at a premium as with many homes then perhaps a combination boiler would be best for supplying hot water on demand so there is no need for a large storage vessel for hot water or tanks in the loft. This unit also does the central heating.

If you have a large family and/or house then a sealed central heating system with a cylinder incorporating a solar energy system might be more suitable.

If you have high hot water demands then an unvented hot water system with sealed central heating will supply your hot water demands at mains pressure with the benefits of a sealed central heating system for high efficiency. Alternatively just updating your existing central heating system with TRV’s, a room thermostat and controls via valves to control the temperature of the hot water and central heating will help.

Unvented hot water cylinders give a constant supply of hot water supplied at mains pressure. These installations come into their own when there is a constant high demand; ie a number of en-suites all being run at the same time or when the customer demands good pressure and flow rates.

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